About Us

Wet Effect, Inc was founded in 2003. The owner had been researching rash guard shirts and board shorts to purchase as uniform components for a luxury motor yacht. The process was extremely difficult due to the lack of high quality blank rash guard shirts and blank board shorts on the market. Everything that was available either already had another company’s brand all over it, or was of such low quality that it would never hold up to the durability requirements of the yachts crew.

As Wet Effect began manufacturing gear, it became apparent that there was a large demand for these products. World Class Resorts wanted them for their staff and gift shops. Yachts and cruise ships wanted them for their crew and guests. YMCA’s and beaches wanted them for their lifeguards. MMA fighters wanted the rash guards and were typically fighting in board shorts. As the UFC grew and MMA gyms were popping up everywhere, the demand grew for a better product. The few companies that offered fight shorts, once again covered them with their own graphics and logos. This made it difficult for fighters to add sponsor’s graphics to their gear or for MMA gyms to add their own logos for resale in their pro shops. Wet Effect listened to the needs of its customers and developed products from superior materials, constructed with the highest durability in mind. The process never ends, as the sport grows Wet Effect has grown with it providing specialty shorts to the Military MMA teams, and custom runs of private label fight shorts to MMA clothing companies.

Wet Effect is flexible and adaptive, our production department can put together a run of your rash guards, board shorts, or fight shorts just the way you want them. The inventory of our stock blank products is also ready to be customized with your graphics or logos. Give us a call at 1-866-565-5350 or drop us an email info@weteffect.com to find out what we can do for you.